Earwax Causes Ringing in the Ear

Tinnitus is a condition that causes ringing or buzzing in your ear. The noise can be intermittent or be present constantly. Also, some people hear low-pitched frequencies, while others hear high-pitched frequencies.

Tinnitus can be caused by many different things. By far, the most common cause of the condition is prolonged exposure to loud noises. It can also be caused by trauma to the head or ear. However, buildup of earwax also causes ringing in the ear.

Earwax is a normal body secretion. Your ear canal is a very sensitive region. Earwax helps protect the inside of your ear canal. However, it’s possible for ear wax to build up over time. This is why you will need to clean your ears out properly on a periodic basis.

If you don’t clean your ears our periodically, the earwax may become compacted. This will help block exterior sounds from reaching the interior of your ears. This is why earwax causes ringing in the ear. You may also hear other sounds as mentioned earlier.

There are certain things that you can do to get rid of earwax buildup in your ears. One of the most common solutions that you can try at home is hydrogen peroxide. This liquid is very cheap and readily available from almost anywhere.

You simply tilt your head to the side and let the hydrogen peroxide break up the earwax. You can tell it’s working because you’ll able to feel it bubbling. After a few minutes, you’ll need to tilt your head to the other side to drain the solution out.

An alternative to hydrogen peroxide is baking soda. It too is very cheap and easy to get from virtually anywhere. You will have to mix warm water and baking soda and put it in your ears just like the hydrogen peroxide solution.

You should be aware that the inside of your ears is very sensitive to temperature and foreign chemicals. Therefore, never put harsh chemicals or cold or hot liquids inside your ears in an effort to clean them out.

Earwax causes ringing in the ears if you allow it to build up over time. It will prevent external sounds from reaching the inside of your ears efficiently. This is why you need to clean your ears out periodically. You can try using hydrogen peroxide to break down excess earwax. Mixing warm water and baking soda is another solution.

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Treatments and Drugs For Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Treatment of DID is difficult for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are secrecy on the client’s part making him or her reluctant to seek help, including the difficulty in diagnosing the disorder once the client presents. Typically, an individual with DID will require many years of treatment. Generally a DID patient will need to be given several different treatments methods over a period of 5-7 years or may be more allpsych.com/disorders/dissociative/did.html.

Some of the treatments offered to a DID patient may include:

– Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is the primary treatment for dissociative disorders. This form of therapy, also known as talk therapy, counseling or psychosocial therapy, involves talking about the disorder with a mental health professional. The therapist will help patient remember and work through the trauma that triggered the Dissociative symptoms (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research, 2007). The course of psychotherapy may be long and painful, but this treatment approach can be effective in the treatment of DID.

– Creative Art Therapy: This therapy uses the creative process to help people who might have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. Creative art therapy includes art, dance and movement, drama, music and poetry. Things such as keeping a journal or creating art is also encouraged during treatment to help bring the past and present together (Baxter, 2007)

– Medications: Although there are no medications that specifically treat Dissociative disorders, Medications like anti-depressants or tranquilizers are a very common treatment method because the personalities may have anxiety or mood disorders and the medications may help control the mental health symptoms associated with the disorders. Generally medications are not recommended because maintenance and effective use of prescriptions given to multiple personality states is difficult to attain. If medication is prescribed, it should be carefully monitored (Psych Central, 2006).

– Alternative Medicines: The therapist may recommend using hypnosis, as part of the treatment for a Dissociative disorder. Hypnosis creates a state of deep relaxation and quiets the mind. In hypnotized state, the patient can concentrate on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out distractions (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research, 2007). Hypnosis is also perceived to be an effective treatment to uncover painful repressed memories or even to help stop behaviors carried out by alters such as self mutilation or eating disorders. Hypnosis is also used in the “fusing” process. Hypnosis is generally safe as a complementary treatment method. Some doctors also believe in botanical medicine, message, and yoga as effective treatment (Baxter, 2007).

– Self-Help: Online self-help groups are a growing trend, and individuals with DID are beginning to form online self-help support groups, in addition to the traditional (in person) self-help groups (Psych Central, 2006).

Dance Shoes – Variety Abounds!

Dancing is gaining in popularity these days with the advent of more and more dance shows on popular television. It is a pleasurable hobby as well as a good exercise for the body. To be a successful hobby or career, dance requires certain investments, and clothing is one of these. But which dance shoe is best for your needs? Obviously, the kind of dance lesson that you are taking dictates which type of shoes you will need. Is this ballroom dancing, ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, hip hop or something else again? There is no almost no limit to the kinds of dances that you can take up.

Most shoes for dancing have low heels, if any at all. Ballroom dancing and tango are two exceptions, however. The heels for women’s ballroom dancing and tango shoes are quite high. These look like what some would fondly call, fabulous shoes, and are often sparkly and brightly coloured, not unlike the ballroom costumes.

Ballet dance shoes are very different. These shoes are soft (in order to allow for exceptional flexibility), flat (no heels) and often matte (unless produced in satin). They sometimes even have ribbons or elastic bands that you purchase separately and sew them on yourself. The design of ballet shoes stay consistently similar over time, demonstrating their suitability for the task in hand.

Jazz shoes can sometimes be quite similar to ballet shoes but these come with low heels. The soles are so soft that you can point in them. There are usually thin shoe laces that you can tie, in a colour that matches that of the shoes.

Tap dance shoes are really character shoes with a metal taps. The metal pieces are what make the tapping sound of course. These shoes generally come in black with a buckle on each shoe, though there are some brightly coloured styles available.

Dancing is so fun and some will even go to the extent of saying that it is exercising the mind as well. Why? This is because a dancer is required to remember the steps of a dance, long or short. In fact, the dancer needs to develop an ability to quickly remember the steps. This is tested in a ballet exam for higher grades. This ability is certainly handy when it comes to performing for a concert, whether you are a professional dancer or not. Dancers often work together and it is much easier for everyone else if each dancer can quickly remember his or her steps and dance them right. Once routines are mastered the dancer can concentrate more on perfecting moves and finishing touches.

Please ensure that you choose dance shoes that are the right fit for you. Do not make do with something that is not quite right just so that you need not spend any more time looking for the perfect fit. An improper fit may affect your performance. Should this happen repeatedly it can adversely affect your self esteem with regards to future dances. Get the right dance shoe for your feet size and type of dance. Try them on until you are satisfied and take a little while if you need to. Of course, there may be variations in terms of colors that you can choose from. Be sure to select your favorite one!

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Effective Home Remedies for Swimmers Ear That Work

Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa is a painful infection of the outer ear and the canal. It affects people of all age-groups especially in summers when one goes for swimming. Therefore the disorder is also called swimmer’s ear. Our canal is cylindrical in shape and extends right from the outer ear to the eardrum. The length of the canal, the earwax that it produces, the acidic environment that it builds up, ensure the protection of the inner ear against infection causing bacteria, excessive moisture, dust and debris and other harmful foreign objects. When there occurs some injury to the canal, and the system of protection fails, moisture and germs may get trapped in to the ear, resulting in swimmer’s ear.

The most common bacteria causing the infection are Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Exposure of the affected ear to shower or bath water may worsen the condition. Diabetics, due to their feeble immune system, may suffer from a severe form of swimmer’s ear and may require intensive treatment. Inserting cotton tipped swabs for cleaning ear, earplugs, hearing aids, head phones may break the skin lining of the canal, making the ear prone to easy infection. Too much of exposure to water or moisture may alter the acidic environment within the canal, resulting in easy invasion by bacteria. Also chemicals like hair dyes, bleach and shampoo, if gets in to the ear, may irritate the canal and destroy its protective properties. This again results in infection. Thus, the above are the causes of swimmer’s ear.


1. Intense pain in the ear

2. Itching in the ear canal

3. Draining of white, yellow or bloody foul smelling fluids from the ear.

4. Swelling of ear

5. Redness in the surrounding skin

6. Scaly skin in the outer ear

7. Swelling of lymph nodes in the neck

8. Trouble hearing

9. Fever

10. Dizziness and vertigo

11. Ringing in the ear

Home Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

1. Placing a hot water bottle wrapped in towel on the affected ear lessens pain.

2. Garlic has excellent anti-bacterial properties. Garlic oil may be used to treat swimmer’s ear.

3. Pouring a mixture of equal parts of alcohol and distilled white vinegar in to the canal with the help of a sterile eye dropper can control the itching in the canal.

4. A mixture of vinegar and water may be used as a soothing ear drop.

5. A dropper may be used to pour few drops of heated baby oil in to the ear. This heals inflammation.

6. A hair dryer may be used to evaporate the moisture that has collected within the ear.

7. Few drops of hydrogen peroxide may be poured in to the ear. It serves as an antiseptic pain reliever.

8. Usage of mineral oils can also fetch good results.

9. Using extra virgin olive can protect the ear against moisture by forming a coating.

10. A steamy shower can minimize the severity of swimmer’s ear symptoms.

Ear Ringing Relief

Tinnitus is a condition that is characterized by a ringing in the ear, on either side of the head or right down the middle. It is a ringing that can come and go all can be their constantly, and for those who suffer from it seriously, it can seriously and adversely affect their lives. However, there are some things that you can do in order to get ear ringing relief.

If you have minor tinnitus then you can learn to redirect your focus. Simply keeping your mind on other things and away from the light ringing in your ears will help you to gain some relief. Constantly focusing on the buzzing or ringing is only going to make it more intense, and therefore try to focus your mind elsewhere.

Make sure that you take steps in order to reduce the stress in your life. Tinnitus is often caused by stress, and therefore if you take actions to reduce your stress, you will also be able to reduce the intensity of your tinnitus as well. This can be done through all sorts of different relaxation techniques and exercises.

Make sure that you focus on adjusting the foods you eat if they are contributing to the problem. Reduce your intake of any stimulants that you have, such as coffee, and generally cut down on your intake of caffeine. You may want to conduct trial elimination of certain foods in your diet that may be causing the problem to see if this will help to reduce the intensity of the ringing.

Look for other contributors as well. Go to your doctor and find out whether there are other things or habits in your life that may be leading to the problem, and if you locate anything, simply cut it out or reduce it significantly.

Find Your Sex Hot Spots

Scientific research into female sexual response has increased considerably over the last few decades. Although I doubt that there exist instant orgasm buttons on any part of a woman’s body, the value of claims of the existence of such very specific areas of heightened sexual sensitivity may lie more in the potential for an increase in self-knowledge and understanding of your own and/or your partners’ sexual anatomy.

What about the A-spot?

It was discovered by a research team who were working on finding a solution for vaginal dryness. The A-spot is, officially, an area known as the anterior fornex erogenous zone and it is found on the front wall of the vagina and about a third of the way down from the cervix. The cervix is at the entrance to the uterus and it extends slightly into the vagina leaving a depressed circular area – the anterior fornix. According to the researchers who found it, stimulating the A-spot massively increases lubrication and subjective feelings of sexual excitement and desire.

Where is it?

To have a go at finding it, insert lubricated fingers into the vagina (palm upwards) and continue until you can find the spongy and slightly raised area of the G-spot. Keep going in the same direction until you can feel the cervix. The cervix is the firm lump at the top end of the vagina. Then move your fingers backwards until you -hopefully – will feel a smooth area, which is highly sensitive area to touch and about halfway between your G-spot and cervix. Try sliding your fingers around, up and down or in a circular motion and wait and see what happens.

Please don’t stress if you or your partner feel very little. Even the G-spot is still a controversial claim, with some people saying it is totally mythical, others believing that it is just generally the whole of the frontal vaginal wall that is sensitive and other sexperts stating that there are enormous differences between women and vaginal sensitivity is just part of individual variation.

If any of you are unsure about the how to best find the G-spot, my latest blog article explains more. I even offer you details of the U-spot – another potential sex hot spot – to help you keep on extending your knowledge of female sexual anatomy.


3 Types Of Dance Classes To Keep Kids In Shape

As the nationwide obesity epidemic peaks, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children in shape. Soccer, football, gymnastics and other sports are popular, but there’s another option for parents and children alike. Dancing can help keep kids active, but if you’re looking into dance classes for your children, you might be wondering which type of class is best for you. Here are three different options. Each type has its own personality and style so choose carefully to determine which one is right for your child.

Ballet Classes For Kids

Ballet classes are some of the most popular types of dance classes for children. Here, children will learn proper ballet positions, terminology and classroom etiquette. Ballet classes help instill confidence in students and they teach poise, grace and discipline. Although many people think of ballet classes as something that’s strictly for girls, young boys can also benefit greatly from these dance lessons. Some boys who take ballet do so to improve their coordination and many parents remember hearing about the NFL teams whose members took ballet classes to help improve their performance on the football field. Boys typically need to wear a T-shirt and tights, while girls need a leotard and tights. Girls also need to have their hair pulled back in a bun. Both boys and girls need special shoes – regular street shoes or shoes designed for other forms won’t do. As students become more advanced, girls may advance to using ‘pointe’ shoes, but it’s fairly rare for boys to wear these special shoes.

Jazz Lessons For Kids

Jazz dance lessons are another option for parents looking to help their kids stay active. Jazz incorporates a number of different styles, such as ballet, and is influenced by popular jazz music. This type of dancing is energetic and is guaranteed to get children up and moving. The movements can be grand and exaggerated and oftentimes dancers are encouraged to add their own personality into the movements. Students usually need to wear body-hugging clothing, such as tight shorts or pants and shirts, so instructors can see the lines of the dancer’s body. Special jazz shoes are required, but there are many different types, so talk to your child’s instructor before purchasing a pair.

Hip Hop Lessons For Kids

Hip hop dance lessons are some of the newest dance lessons in the industry. Children will learn some of the hottest moves to current music. Hip hop dancers are laid back and students usually need to be a little older to participate in these dance lessons because they need to be able to pay attention to the instructor and focus on the movements. Students don’t need any sort of special attire and instead can wear everyday loose fitting clothing and gym shoes.

Dancing is an excellent way for children to stay active. If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids moving, but you want an alternative to traditional sports like football, basketball or soccer, dancing can be fun for kids of all ages.

The United State’s War on Drugs

The United States War on Drugs has been a periodic topic in the news for the past 40 years. Are we winning? Who is the enemy? Who are the players? Well the answer to the last question is… it keeps changing. Much the same as a soap opera the story line stays the same but the characters come and go. They, the enemy, replace Drug Lords as old ones are jailed or killed off and we replace our soldiers (war on drugs czars) with each new administration. The U.S. strategy of capturing or eliminating the heads of Drug Organization and disrupting trafficking and money flow has remained the same. 

The United States War on Drugs, depending on what article you read is having varying degrees of success. Our soldiers have intercepted tons of illegal narcotics and millions of the enemy’s money. Trafficking routs have been interrupted and the cartels of the 80’s and 90’s have been dismantled. Our efforts should be praised for successes and for the persistent manner with which we attempt to stem the flow of illicit drugs into our country.

The United States War on Drugs is responsible for 500,000 of the prisoners that populate US prisons today. This number eclipses the number of prisoners for all criminal offenses in Western Europe. If we include the prison costs and combine federal and state expenditures for the War on Drugs the dollar estimate is 40 billion a year. Prisons aren’t the only institutions that are full. Drug Rehab Centers are full of patients trying to get off the drugs that somehow find their way to our streets. Illegal drug trade is a lucrative business and as long as there is a market for drugs; drugs will continue to flow in the streets of America. The war on drugs can only be won when our society takes responsibility for the continuing demand of these drugs. Our culture of escapism and quick fixes is not working. These problems must be addressed in our families, schools and spiritual institutions and then we may see a real difference in the war on drugs.